Creating New Enabling Materials for Analysis, Diagnosis, and Therapy

Breast Cancer Cells micrographNanoquantum is a photonic materials solutions company actively engaged in the development of new photo-chemical compounds and related photonic technologies.

Our business is developing, manufacturing, and selling novel photoluminescent labels, photosensitizers, and related technologies. We also license the use of our enabling materials and technologies to organizations that will create and qualify new analytical methods, diagnostics, and therapeutics using our products and technologies.

Our new non-toxic dye compounds provide high stability and higher efficiency near-infrared photoluminescent brightness (extinction * quantum yield) than any other small-molecule biological labels currently in the market.

Several of our high-brightness near-IR photoluminescent materials can also provide additional functionality as high X-ray contrast agents and as photoacoustic imaging reporters

We are undertaking these efforts with the goal of opening new doors with customers and licensees to create new analytical capabilities, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for many cancers, antibiotic resistant pathogens, as visualization aids in surgery or radiation therapy, and for other applications our core technology can address.


High brightness and light-sensitive, near-infrared, photoluminescent dyes for biological labeling.

Products For Licensing (Contact us with inquiries and to purchase materials at

  • Ultra-high brightness, near-infrared photoluminescent dyes for biological labeling with extinction coefficients from 200K to over 750K M-1cm-1

  • Near-IR photodynamic compounds with extremely high photon capture probabilities for activation deep in tissue

  • High-intensity, low-cost, large area, near-IR light sources and exposure systems

  • Photonic feedback sensors and imaging systems for activation, monitoring, and analytical testing